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£100 of free trades

Get £100 of free trades when opening or transferring an ISA. Terms apply.

Capital at risk if you invest. FCA regulated & FSCS protected.

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Up to £100 free share

Open an account with Freetrade and get a free share worth up to £100.

Ts&Cs apply. Capital at risk if you invest. FCA regulated & FSCS protected.

In this guide we take you through the latest ISA cashback offers. 

Many ISA providers offer an incentive to get you to open an account with them, or to transfer an existing Stocks and Shares ISA. We cover these below, and our team of finance professionals also explain some Stocks and Shares ISA basics.

Table of Contents

ISA Cashback Offers

Here are the best ISA cashback offers.

InvestEngine – up to £2,500 ISA cashback

InvestEngine provides one of the cheapest ISAs on the market, charging just 0.25% platform fees. It’s also the cheapest Stocks and Shares ISA on the market. 

They’re currently offering new customers up to £2,500 cashback for opening and investing in an ISA, or transferring an existing ISA to them. On top of that, InvestEngine also offers new customers a welcome bonus of up to £50 if you use our exclusive link.

Up to £50 welcome bonus & up to £2,500 ISA bonus

Over 610 ETFs to invest in. Commission-free.

Use our exclusive link to get a free welcome bonus of up to £50 AND an additional bonus of up to £2,500 when you invest or transfer an ISA at InvestEngine.

Ts&Cs apply. Capital at risk if you invest.

Up To £50 Welcome Bonus & £2,500 ISA Bonus

OFFER: Use our exclusive link to get a free welcome bonus of up to £50 AND an additional bonus of up to £2,500 when you invest or transfer an ISA at InvestEngine.

Ts&Cs apply. Capital at risk if you invest.

InvestEngine only offers ETFs, so no shares or mutual funds, but you can build your own low-cost portfolio with no dealing charges. Plus, if you have a Managed Portfolio you can still add your own ETF picks to your portfolio for free.

Their customer support is very good, too, and you can also open a SIPP or a General Investment Account (GIA). InvestEngine is also our top-pick ETF platform in the UK.

Read all the details in our in-depth InvestEngine review.

Wombat – £10 welcome bonus

Founded in 2019, Wombat is a beginner-friendly and low-cost investment app. You’re able to invest in shares and ETFs, including international shares, with a low minimum investment of just £10.

Standard account holders can choose from a GIA, Stocks and Shares ISA or Junior ISA to invest through. In these accounts you can invest in UK, EU and US shares as well as 30+ ETFs. There’s a £1 per month subscription charge and a low annual platform fee of 0.10%. FX fees of 0.75% apply on non-GBP share transactions.

Wombat – £10 welcome bonus

Get a free £10 bonus to invest. Sign up to Wombat using the link below and you’ll get £10 for free to invest with. T&Cs apply.

Capital at risk if you invest. Wombat is regulated by the FCA and has FSCS protection.

Moneyfarm – TBC

Moneyfarm is the best robo-advisor in the UK in our view. It’s also our recommended Stocks and Shares ISA for beginners

They often run ISA cashback offers – currently there’s not a live offer but we will add it here when they release a new one.

If you want professionals to take care of your ISA investments for you, then Moneyfarm is our top pick for passive investing.

Moneyfarm has one of the best performance track records of the main robo-advisors combined with low charges which reduce as your pension pot grows.

Free guidance from investment consultants, great customer service and socially responsible options also make it a great choice for your ISA.

Read our Moneyfarm review for more about how Moneyfarm works. Moneyfarm also offers 10 ethical portfolio options – read our guide to the best ethical stocks and shares ISAs for more.

Other ISA Offers

It’s not just ISA cashback offers to look out for. Below we round up the best ISA offers aside from cashback, including free shares and prize draws.

Interactive Investor – £100 of free trades

Interactive Investor (ii) is one of the largest investment platforms in the UK, with over £50bn in assets under administration and backing from Abrdn plc. The latest ii ISA offer gives new customers £100 worth of free trades when you open and invest, or transfer, an ISA or General Investment Account. 

There’s also an ii SIPP cashback offer of £200 for new customers. Read more in our SIPP cashback guide.

Get £200 cashback or £100 in free trades

SIPP: Open or transfer a SIPP by 31st May and get £200 cashback.

ISA: New customers who open an Interactive Investor ISA or Trading Account by 19th May will get £100 in free trades.

Terms apply. Capital at risk if you invest.

Get £200 cashback and £100 in free trades​

SIPP: Open or transfer a SIPP by 31st May and get £200 cashback.

ISA: New customers who open an Interactive Investor ISA or Trading Account by 19th May will get £100 in free trades.

Terms apply. Capital at risk if you invest.

Interactive Investor has more than 40,000 shares, bonds and funds to invest in. There’s also a range of investment ideas and funds lists to help you decide what to invest in. Plus, dealing fees are lower than the other major ISA providers and regular monthly investing is free.

It’s also the cheapest ISA platform for mixed portfolios worth more than £62,000.

This is because it charges fixed monthly fees, which become a smaller percentage of your portfolio as your portfolio grows in value. So, if you want to invest in a combination of shares, mutual funds and bonds then Interactive Investor usually works out cheapest.

Freetrade – free share worth up to £100

Alongside one of the best trading apps on the market, Freetrade offers an ISA. Freetrade’s latest ISA offer gives you a free share worth up to £100 when you invest or transfer in an ISA. 

Freetrade – Free share worth up to £100

Click our link below, open a Freetrade account, fill in the W-8BEN form and fund your account with at least £50 and your £10 to £100 free share will be revealed within 7-10 days.

Freetrade is regulated by the FCA and has FSCS protection.

Freetrade has a brilliant app which makes it great to manage your ISA investments on the go. There are thousands of investment options to choose from, including Treasury notes as well as shares, ETFs and funds.

Read our round up of the latest free shares offers. 

What is an ISA?

A stocks and shares ISA is a type of Individual Savings Account (ISA) which allows you to invest in shares, funds and bonds. It’s also sometimes known as an investment ISA.

An ISA is a government approved savings or investment account which allows you to save or invest without paying tax on income or gains received within the account. This makes ISAs a great way to invest and build your portfolio over time.

The government wants to encourage people to save money, particularly for retirement, which is why it approves ISAs as a tax-free way to buy shares and invest your money. 

For people wanting to save or invest for the long term, opening an ISA is usually one of the best options to get started. 

ISA Rules

There are 4 types of ISA that you can open:

  • Cash ISA
  • Stocks and Shares ISA
  • Lifetime ISA
  • Innovative Finance ISA

Although not yet available, the government announced in March 2024 that they will create a new British ISA.

Within a stock and Shares ISA you can invest in:

  • Shares (sometimes known as stock)
  • Bonds
  • Funds

The types of funds you can invest in include mutual funds (unit trusts), investment trusts and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

You can open one new ISA of each type per year, except for a Lifetime ISA which you can only open once. But there’s no limit to the total number of ISAs you can hold of each type, so long as you don’t pay into more than one of each type in a single year.

You’re also able to transfer existing ISAs to other providers, and that includes the ability to transfer Stocks and Shares ISAs.

There’s also a Junior ISA for children which can be opened by a parent or guardian. Read more in our guide to the best Junior Stocks and Shares ISAs.

Annual ISA Allowance

You can contribute up to £20,000 per year across your ISAs. This can be split between a Cash ISA, Stocks and Shares ISA, Innovative Finance ISA and a Lifetime ISA.

But, Lifetime ISAs have an annual limit of £4,000, which counts as part of your overall £20,000 annual allowance.

The annual allowance runs from 5th April to the 6th April each year and can be changed by the government, and as mentioned above you can only pay into one of each type of ISA in a given year.

For example, you could open a new Cash ISA and a new Stocks and Shares ISA in one year. You can then split your annual allowance of £20,000 between the two of them if you wish.

In the next year, you could open a new Cash ISA and a new Stocks and Shares ISA. But, you can then only pay into one of the two Stocks and Shares ISAs in each year going forwards.

Similarly, you can only pay into one of your two Cash ISAs in any given year.

Are these ISA providers safe?

All of the platforms in this guide are regulated by the FCA, which is the UK’s regulator for financial firms.

Your money and investments are also protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This guarantees up to £85,000 if your provider were to go bust. In some cases, pensions have unlimited government protection but this may not apply to newly opened ISAs.

It’s also important to be aware that you’re able to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) about an FCA regulated company, if you’re unable to resolve a dispute directly with the company. The FOS’ decisions are binding, and should give you extra comfort when choosing a ISA provider.

There are additional regulatory checks and procedures an investment provider must comply with to offer a ISA compared to a General Investment Account. 

This is because the government is keen to encourage you to save for your future and therefore wants ISAs to be as safe as possible. 

ISAs have tax incentives which are approved by HMRC, as we mentioned above. So, ISA providers must be registered with HMRC and complete compliance checks directly with them.

Investing through an ISA with an FCA-regulated and FSCS-protected provider is one of the safest ways of investing through a pension. Each of the providers in our ISA cashback guide is FCA-regulated and has FSCS protection.

On top of that, your cash and investments are administered by professional ‘custodians’ and your money is deposited with regulated banks. This keeps your money separate from your provider’s own funds.

As with all investing, though, your capital is at risk. This means the value of your investments can go down as well as up. But, over the long term, stocks and shares have historically risen in value.

ISA cashback summary

Those are the latest ISA cashback offers. We aim to update these ISA offers as they become available. 

A Stocks and Shares ISA is a great way to invest for your future. All of the providers that we cover are FCA regulated and have FSCS protection. 

Here’s a reminder of the ISA cashback offers:

The other ISA offers we covered are:

Get £100 in free trades

Get £100 in free trades when you open or switch to an Interactive Investor ISA.
Capital at risk if you invest. FCA regulated & FSCS protected.

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Get £200 cashback with Interactive Investor

Get £200 cashback when you invest or transfer a SIPP to Interactive Investor. Terms apply.

Capital at risk if you invest. Interactive Investor is regulated by the FCA and has FSCS protection.

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