How This Site Is Financed

Generation Money is all about providing the information and analysis that helps you to make better financial decisions. We’re staffed by finance professionals – by which we mean someone who has worked full-time in the financial services industry, and/or has relevant financial qualifications. Read more about our team here.

We believe our extensive finance experience and qualifications allow us to provide extra value to you, the reader, so that you can make better informed decisions about your finances and investments.

Our site is free to use and will always remain so. To keep the site free, we partner with some of the brands and platforms that we review. This means that our reviews and guides may contain what’s known as an ‘affiliate link’, which is a link that – if clicked – may generate financial compensation to us. A payment to us typically occurs if the reader goes on to sign-up to a company’s product, or it may also require them to fund their account.

You will never be worse off by clicking one of our affiliate links compared to clicking a non-affiliate link. In fact, sometimes we agree exclusive partnership deals with companies which means clicking through one of our affiliate links may work out better for you. For example, you may be eligible for a sign-up bonus paid into your account.

We remain independent and unbiased

These partnerships never influence our editorial policy and unlike some other sites, we aim to include all products on the market regardless of whether we have a partnership agreement.

Any product rankings or placements are always written to highlight the best available product or service for your needs and are not influenced by commercial partnerships. We frequently include products and platforms that we don’t have any relationship with but which we still think are the best in their category.

Because of our professional backgrounds and investing experience we may currently, or in the past, have some sort of connection to certain companies such as prior employment or an investment in them. We will always declare this if we write about those companies, even if we have no current relationship with them. 

Please reach out to us by visiting our contact page if you have any questions.

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